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Talking a Brick Wall and other one act plays 

The awfulness of unemployment and its  humiliating rituals pinpointed in acutely funny detail.

Helen Rose,

Time Out



The Millionaires

“It is a study in despair, of the unemployed who lose all structure in their lives and sense of identity, bringing a downward spiral into domestic violence, crime (”Mugging, nice work if you can get it”) and drugs as Jake pulls Paula down with him.”

Mark Cook,

Ham & High


“An almost sociological study of the relationship between violent crime and unemployment.”

Helen Rose,

Time Out





“A rambunctious script, full-tilt acting and the liberal deployment of violent confrontation, both verbal and physical, this tale of office politics remains both watchable and, in places, quite invigorating.”

Robert Lloyd Parry, What’s On



“Glass successfully dramatises a problem that many women face in a society where sexism is institutional.  The combination of a perceptive script and sound, naturalistic performances lead to an absorbing and entertaining evening.”

Adam Goldstein, Morning Star


Coming Soon

En Vacances

“Relentless coarse language, endless stubby bottles of beer, all-night drinking games and obsessive sexual attention-seeking.”

Charles Godfrey-Fausset, Time Out



Shadow Walker

“Trevor B Maynard combines complicates thematic material and unites fractured images with a sure hand.”

Tinch Minter,

The Stage




Other Reviews (Ham & High and Time Out) 

The Millionaires "Mike McKone gives a chilling performance under Lynne Kendrick's direction" 

Talking to a Brick Wall "A powerful performance by Paul Whelan"

Upward Sprial "Cue for some fraught comings and goings and undressing... pure farce."

Upward Spiral "A latter day La Ronde"


Available to buy by Trevor Maynard

Talking to a Brick Wall and other one act plays

Six plays: Talking to a Brick Wall, Graye, Taciturn, The Millionaires, The Lists


A full-length play

From Pillow to Post

One-act agitprop play, do oil and blood mix?

Love, Death and the War on Terror

A collection of poetry  



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