The Weights About My Feet Do Not Stop The Motion Of The Waves


The seagulls are muted and the sea crabs are close

Gnawing at my shroud

Bang Bang went the bullets and ďMartyrĒ shouts the crowd


Was it a success, my life of populist jihad?

Was I merely another example of so many good ideas made bad?

Was it a triumph, my end in ultimate redaction?

Was I merely another example of the consensus of moral action?


I canít judge, I can only be judged,

No doubt most will see my end as just

(Indeed a fucking must)

After all I did kill many thousands in a philosophical wanderlust...


What is sure is that one manís quest for evil or good

Is only a single manís journey

And that, love it or hate it, there will be another soon

Creating and/or destroying our humanity


The hawks cluster and doves are further away now

Admiring my christening gown

Whirr and flash go the fireworks welcoming the new clown


copyright Trevor Maynard 2011