NATURE 20/20


Willowdown Books is proud to announce a new anthology featuring 21 poets selected from the Nature 20/20 poetry competition; curated and edited by Willowdown Books and sponsored by UK poet GK Grieve.


The featured poets are


Jeremy Barron, Sara Brown, Mariangela Canzi, Tim Dolland

Samantha Eads, Brian M Falconer, Stuart Forrest, Dean Gessie

Charles Gillespie, John Jacobson, Jacob Klein, Sara Martins

RH Peat, Holly Brians Ragusa, Konnie Risigner, Judy Strang

Leon Stevens, Nana Tokatli, The Yan, Simon Yately, Lynne Zotalis


The competition awarded three prizes of $200, $25, and $10, to the following 


1st Brian M Falconer “Survival”

“The fragility of nature, the future of the natural world, sensed through frost and thaw of a winter morning.”

2nd Konnie Risinger “Brackish”

“The beautiful, visceral power of the bayou, interweaving, fauna, and earth.”

3rd Mariangela Canzi “Spring Night”

“Precise imagery captures the transience of season.”


The anthology, entitled “Nature 20/20” will be published 14 February, 2020


“2020 is such an iconic date, with Nature and the Environment possibly the most important topic of the future – so the time for a poetry competition based on this conjunction of themes, seemed perfect.”
GK Grieve (Nature 20/20 Competition Sponsor, Nov. 2019)


Willowdown Books welcomes the opportunity with work with GK Grieve to curate and produce a new exciting anthology on the theme of Nature 20/20"

Trevor Maynard (Managing editor, Willowdown Books)




1.  Press contact Trevor Maynard at on 0 44 7966 079968 or by snail mail at Willowdown Books, 105 Crockford Park Road, Addletone, Surrey, UK, KT 15 2LP

2. GK Grieve is a UK based poet, published in The Poetic Bond III, IV, V, VI, and VIII.

3. The competition was administered, curated and published by Willowdown Books.


4. There three prizes of $200, $25, and $10 were awarded to Brian M Falconer, Konnie Risinger, and Mariangela Canzi. The winners were chosen by a panel of GK Grieve, Trevor Maynard, and JE Bird.  


5. Trevor Maynard, UK based poet, writer and editor.  He is owner/manager of Poetry, Review and Discuss Group, a major poetry group on LinkedIn.  His latest poetry collection is GREY SUN, DARK MOON.   Trevor is also the author of several plays.  Further information at


6.  Biographies of prize winners:  


1st - Brian M Falconer is an ex-computer programmer, now freelance technical and content writer, who recently won third prize Poets’ Choice Awards for The Poetic Bond IX.   He describes his style as “broken verse”, and lives near Manchester in the UK


2nd - Konnie Davidson Risinger teaches intellectually gifted children right outside Jackson, MS. She was born and reared in the magical Gulf Coast town of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA. She loves words, woods and Mr. Jagger.


3rd -  Italian, Mariangela Canzi, is a translator, whose passion is to write in English where she enjoys expressing her deep feelings and thoughts about nature, lifre and the world.  Her work has been published in The Poetic Bond series.