July 14th, 2005


a taxi driver stood outside

his cab door open, squinting in the bright sun

eyes still beneath the glass of his spectacles

while ahead bus drivers turned off their rasping breathless engines

and people, emptied from offices and shops

stand statue still

in remembrance


a bemused motorcycle courier received rebuke

sliding down between the gridlock until a calm hand waved him still

its owner, a man in sweats and scarf, wore a shirt proclaiming that the Dali Lama “A Man of Peace”

was to be seventy years old on the morrow


so sad then that some still think death the way

when surely life is the path to

enlightenment and understanding

murder by any proof of history, is ignorant, intolerant, inhumane, and simply inefficient


all you need is love

says every individual of conscience

god is love

says every form of organised religion

individuals have created

listen we ask,

all those that would ever consider that

the ends justify the means are wrong


Eight hundred

hurt, maimed, injured, butchered, killed,

is wrong

hear our prayer

hug and kiss both friend and enemy in peace

please, no more violence, please


© Trevor Maynard 2005

from the collection Love, Death and the War on Terror (2009) ISBN 978-1445206622