Mark Jason Welch Interviews Trevor Maynard about The Poetic Bond

“Trevor Maynard combines complicated thematic material and unites fractured images with a sure hand"  (The Stage) 

POET, PLAYWRIGHT,  EDITOR of The Poetic Bond Series, Nature 20/20, and Poems from The Lockdown.

 HUMAN TO HUMAN, an anthology of 2021 poetry, to be published September 2021 - watch this space ....

Press Release 22 August, 2020  Shortlist for "The Poetic Bond X"            Press Release 22 August, 2020 - "Who Are We?" Ten short story on Country, Identity, and Race" 

Poems from The Lockdown

146 poems from 115 poets

Voices from across the world 

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  Press Release 20 April, 2020 - "Poems from The Lockdown"

Poems from THE LOCKDOwn


The winners of  The Cunningham Short Story Competition 2020

Ten short stories on a theme of Country, Identity, and Race

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NATURE 20/20 

"With 2020 being such an iconic date, and climate change increasing affecting our planet, a poetry anthology on the theme of Nature, and the future, is both relevant and necessary."

PRESS RELEASE 14th February, 2020

Nature 20/20

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The Poetic Bond X

The Poetic Bond X

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The Path Now Known

Based on the 2009 Book

Lover, Death, and The War on Terror

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A global pandemic has swept the planet, killing hundreds of thousands, shutting down industry, and changing our world forever.

At the same time, the high-profile deaths of so many black people at police hands has been highlighted, racism has come back into focus, and the myth that the legacy of slavery has been dealt with, is once again, exposed.

At the same time, Climate Change continues apace with the hottest ever temperatures recorded on the planet, rain forests decimated, and the largest ever ice shelves breaking apart; many species of animal and fauna are becoming endangered or extinct.

NATURE 20/20 -21 poets


WHO ARE WE?  10 writers of short stories

THE POETIC BOND X - 43 poets

These are 189 Voices, from 17 countries, speaking of our times; exploring the human condition, and seeking to document 2020 to future generations.

189 Voices

Trevor Maynard was born the year Kennedy was shot, and celebrated his 38th birthday the day two 'planes hit the twin towers.  He read Drama and Theatre Studies at Royal Holloway, and an MA from London South Bank.  He lives in Surrey, with his wife Jo.  Trevor has four children, nine grandchildren, four cats, and a varying number of tropical fish.   As well as three collections of his own, Trevor is the editor of "Poems from THE LOCKDOwn", "The Poetic Bond I-X", "Nature 20/20", "Nine Frames", and many more. 

The Poetic Bond IX

The Poetic Bond IX

91 poems from 43 poets from around the world


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Nine FramesNine Frames

Featuring the winners of The Cunningham Short Story Competition, 2019


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Grey Sun Dark Moon

GREY SUN, DARK MOON, the latest poetry collection by Trevor Maynard - poetry that asks what unites us, in meaning and experience, as our days pass, as life ruthlessly ticks away …

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The Poetic Bond IX -  91 poems from 43 poets 

“A wonderful collection of poetry that is made extra special in the fact its writers come from all over the world. Readers will feel joy, sorrow and every emotion in between within each chapter.”

MB (Amazon) 


Nine Frames - 9 short stories from across the world

“Every story is interesting, entertaining, and well-told. I will be buying more copies as Christmas presents for my family.”

GG (California, USA)



"an intimate study of the frailties of life, the human condition"

SUNRISE, new life, the growing of awareness, the innocence of love

MORNING, change, the first half of life, time passes

LATER, the afternoon of existence, the coming of old age, the nature of being

DUSK, man in society, the violence of politics, the place of Man in Nature

NIGHT, the human condition, tragic narratives, the reality of love

Life Dances

Featuring the winners of the RH Cunningham Memorial Short Story Competition, edited by Trevor Maynard





An anthology, edited by Trevor Maynard, containing the winner of the RH Cunningham Short Story Competition, Sandy Norris with her story No Going Back; and the five runners-up, Maria Borland, Linda DuPret, Israela Margalit, Michael McLaughlin, and Lynne Zolatis.  The anthology also contains The Dance, a short story adapted from the journals of RH Cunningham by the editor, who is set up the competition to honour his grandfather


Our World, Your Place 

Published 2nd October, 2018

Our World

Your Place

Featuring the winners of

The Cunningham Short Story Competition 2018

Rebekah Dobson, Rebecca Evans, Lynne Zotalis, Tuan Phan, Karen Quinnon, Osacar Heitmart,  James Najarian, and Tonya Walker

The Poetic Bond VIII

"Trevor Maynard has gathered fascinating poems under the themes nature, love, and myth; from award winning artists, writers, bloggers, a Jungian psychotherapist, a linguist, college professors, a spiritual minister, young and old; from USA, South America, to Europe and on to Asia. A book to carry with you for moments of meditative thought."

Diane Jardel (Eire)

The Poets of The Poetic Bond VIII

 Annel Martin / Annette Gagliardi / Anthony Frobisher / Antonella Corradetti / Beatrice Boswell / Beatrice Garth / Betty Bleen / Bilal Moin / Biman Roy / Bonnie Flach / Bonnie Roberts / Claire Mikkleson / Carrie Radna / Cathryn Glenday / Christine Anderes / Cigeng Zhang / Claude Seguy / Diana Wend / Diane Burrow / Drew Clausen / Flavia Cosma / Gillian Bell / Gilbert Franke / GK Grieve / Helen Schulman / Ian Colville / Ivan Saltaric / Janette Bendle / Jim Wilson / Joanne Bordokan / John Lysaght / John McMullen / Joseph Sinclair / Karen Henneberry / Karen Rothstein //Kelli Gunn / Kewayne Wadley / Krenare Bruqi / Laura Lee / Lee Landau / Lexene Burns / Lynne Zotalis / Madeline Lipton / Mara Ivana Trevisani / Marcia Weber /Marek Ługowski / Mariangela Canzi / Marie Youssefirad / Nana Tokatli / Nancy Scott / Paul Sutherland / Peter Verbica / Reasie Robertson / Richard Smith / Rick Davis / KishaJade / Robin Hislop / Sarah Stonesifer / Sebastian Karantonis / Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi / Sonay Mustafa / Stephen Sesto / Stuart Forrest / Suzanne Askham / Terry Young / Tim Williams /Trevor Maynard / Victoria Anllo / Virus the Poet / William DiBenedetto / Wybrig De Vries

Grey Sun Dark Moon


A day's passing, echoing the movement of life through time, questioning; what unites us, in meaning, and experience, as our days pass, life ruthlessly ticking away; how does this modern existence relate to the natural world around us?

Press Release

Life Dances

Trevor Maynard, on writing The Dance

“In his seventies, my grandfather began writing a series of handwritten journals. This was not a deliberate attempt at a coherent memoir, rather a process of wanting to put down his thoughts and to revisit his life, both to reflect, and to pass on.  For me, this was a fascinating insight, not only into a man I knew all my life, but also a personal perspective on real life, before and after World War II”

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The Poetic Bond VIII

125 poems from 72 poets from around the world

The Poetic Bond VIII

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The Poetic Bond VII The Poetic Bond VI The Poetic Bond V


Our every thought and action is not alone, it is part of the whole, influences the whole, no matter how small we think it we are, in terms of existence, every action is equal to every other, energy (physical, corporal, spiritual) is never created nor destroyed, TRUTH is constant.

From a biscuit crumb on your lover’s lips, to the death of a Princess, to the formation of galaxies far far away, human is our condition, life is our journey, and come agony, joy, or even world-weariness, people, let’s just KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON.

Making a Poetic Bond - the ethos behind putting together the anthology     The process of selecting poems for publishing The Poetic Bond series is unlike any other in that there is no set plan as to what will be published. It depends on the themes which emerge from the pool of work submitted, or to put it another way, the poetic energy which comes together at this certain time and place.  Where themes emerge, patterns of energy harmonize, form bonds, connections, and these in turn lead to interconnected chapters, and the creation of a holistic volume, deeply connected with humanity, nature, and the universe.

Keep On Keepin' On


A poetry collection by Pushpita Awasthi, edited by Trevor Maynard



Echoes in the Earth by Pushpita Awasthi, edited by Trevor Maynard

Echoes in the Earth

US    $19.99         UK    £14.99 

Through the twin themes of Nature and Love, the poetry of Pushpita Awasthi often illuminates not only humanity as a whole, but also her own human relationship with the human world.  These element of being human are skilfully interwoven, creating a poetic expression that has depth, articulates understanding, and possesses empathy.

64 poems, five chapters, five articles

BLACK DOG, an exploration of dark corners of the soul, where our fears live, and where redemption is scant.

PANOPTICON – the all-pervasive watching eye of society, we are not alone, and Big Brother is out there and to be engaged in battle.

OBSVERVATION – the writer watching is not separate from his surroundings, they are also part of it, and the humanity of the writer gives their work its universality.

LOVING – what is mankind without love? These poems explore the deepest truth our existence, how we love and are loved, and the complication of human relations – as they are apt it say in the movies nowadays“it’ complicated”.

ANSWERS – yes, this is a poetry book that asks a lot of questions, that makes a lot of observations, but it is also a book of seeking answers. We are not just individuals in a pool of mud forever climbing ladders that sink deeper; we are the individuals, the ladders, and the mud.

Reviews for the Poetic Bond Series

 "It has been a joy to read all of you wonderful poets and thanks, once again, to you Trevor, for creating this bond and for including me in it." Neetu Malik (PA, USA)

"I am forever grateful, Trevor, for your hard work. I know this project takes much professional/love time out of your personal time. Thank you!" Bonnie Roberts (AL, USA)

"I have been reading a lot of the work that has gone into the making of it & am very impressed with much of the execellently crafted writing" Robin Hislop (UK,

"The poetry that fills this book is moving, deep and affirming ... A beautiful publication that will rest on top of my favorite books of poetry.  Nicholas Chiarkas (WI, USA)

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The Poetic Bond Poets' Choice Award, 2018

All poets published in The Poetic Bond VIII will be asked to vote for the three poems in the anthology which they find most engage and inspire them. The poems that win the most votes, in a 1-2-3 preferential voting system, will receive an award of $25.  So, TO BE CLEAR, for 2018, The Poets of The Poetic Bond VIII will select The Poetic Bond Poets’ Choice Award Winners for 2018

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The Poetic Bond VIII

Submission Window Opens 31st March 

So far over 514 poems from 213 poets have been published in The Poetic Bond Series.  The Poets of The Poetic Bond come from all over the globe, from the US to Malaysia, the UK to the Seychelles, with ages ranging from 14 to 86, exploring themes of love, life, age, religion, politics, nature, the universe, using free verse,  blank verse, sonnets, haiku, sticking strictly to form, or riding wild on flowing streams of conscious. sometimes sparse, controlled, others taking language on a roller-coaster of metaphor and imagery.

The Poetic Bond VIII - Pre-order

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Our World, Your Place

The Poetic Bond Series

If you order the entire collection - all seven volumes of The Poetic Bond , you will qualify for the extra special offer of $79.99/£64.99.  So, for some of the best poetry of the last seven years to come out of new media, social and professional networking, order now.

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“Poetry, both reveals and shares our humanity”  (Trevor Maynard, editor The Poetic Bond Series) CLICK for Paperback WHOLESALE

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